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HBCU Africa Homecoming Partners with HBCU Wall Street to Deliver Landmark HBCU Event in Ghana.

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We are pleased to announce a partnership with HBCU Wall Street for programming, content development and resource mobilization for the Inaugural HBCU Africa Business Roundtable in Ghana from August 1st -11th 2019.

According to Kwabena Boateng, Chair of HBCU Africa Homecoming Ghana 2019 Organizing Committee, “HBCU Wall Street has a holistic and culturally responsible approach to ownership and economic empowerment education; their organizational ethos - encapsulated in the idea that sustainable wealth creation must be preceded by self-ownership - is profound”.

The business landscape in Africa is fast evolving with the emerging African Continental Free Trade Agreement(AfCFTA) which provides unprecedented opportunity for the African Diaspora to engage a unified African Market. HBCU Wall Street's social media platform and affiliate networks present an unparalleled platform for disseminating information to HBCU stakeholders on options for trade and investments in Africa.

In an emailed comment, Jamerus Payton - Co-founder of HBCU Wall Street said “We look forward to this amazing partnership opportunity”

The inaugural HBCU Africa Homecoming Ghana 2019 -happening 400 years after the first enslaved Africans arrived in english America - is billed as "a technology and media enabled bridging experience that stands out - as the most deliberate effort ever -

to network HBCU leaders, students, alumni entrepreneurs/businesses, African students, governments, corporations, the African Union and foundations in an atmosphere of oneness, access, celebration, storytelling, envisioning, technology and cultural exchange, sportsmanship, stock taking and problem solving". The event includes a Welcome Reception, HBCU Global Impact Awards/Fundraising Gala, Recruiting Fair for High School and College Students, HBCU Africa Business Roundtable, Street Party and Entertainment showcasing HBCU Culture, musicians and entertainers. The climax will be the launch of an HBCU Africa Business Desk.

The three day event will also be part of a 7 day and 10 day travel package (inclusive of transportation/gas, lodging, entry fees to World Heritage sites, food, and registration to attend the Homecoming) offered through experienced travel and events partners in Ghana..

More on the HBCU Africa Homecoming at

For partnership and sponsorship requests contact or +1 678-815-3954

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