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Announcing Partnership with Washington DC based Swaliga Foundation

HBCU Africa Homecoming is pleased to announce a partnership with Washington DC based Swaliga foundation to facilitate culturally responsible STEAM programming and service projects for the pre-college initiative of the inaugural HBCU Africa

Homecoming in Ghana from August 1st-10th 2019

According to Swaliga’s founder Lemond Brown, STEAM based service and global immersion programming provides a critical expansion in the consciousness of students- a transformation that sticks over a lifetime with positive roll-over effects -over time- that improve economic wealth distribution and reduce juvenile crime and incarceration.

“Swaliga is on the cutting edge of a culturally responsible social innovation that clearly activates intrinsic motivation in students and positions them in the pipeline of emerging global citizens” said Boateng, Chair of the HBCU Africa Homecoming Ghana 2019.

Inferring from Swaliga’s findings, it is rational to conclude that STEAM based service and global immersion programs will have a positive impact on college retention and graduation rates; this begs the question: Is a 21st century HBCU education complete without a STEAM based Historically Black(Africa) continental immersion? Exciting times ahead!

The inaugural HBCU Africa Homecoming Ghana 2019 -happening 400 years after the first enslaved Africans arrived in english America - is billed as "a technology and media enabled bridging experience that stands out - as the most deliberate effort ever -

to network HBCU leaders, students, alumni entrepreneurs/businesses, African students, governments, corporations, the African Union and foundations in an atmosphere of oneness, access, celebration, storytelling, envisioning, technology and cultural exchange, sportsmanship, stock taking and problem solving". The event includes a Welcome Reception, HBCU Global Impact Awards/Fundraising Gala, Recruiting Fair for High School and College Students, HBCU Africa Business Roundtable, Street Party and Entertainment showcasing HBCU Culture, musicians and entertainers. The climax will be the launch of an HBCU Africa Business Desk.

The three day event will also be part of a 7 day and 10 day travel package (inclusive of transportation/gas, lodging, entry fees to World Heritage sites, food, and registration to attend the Homecoming) offered through experienced travel and events partners in Ghana..

More on the HBCU Africa Homecoming at

For partnership and sponsorship requests contact or +1 678-815-3954

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